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VSAT Internet Service
VSAT Internet Service provides home or mobile internet access to span entire cities or countries. We can replace your outdated and sluggish DSL or wired connection with a blazing fast 3G or 4G wireless connection!

Given the relatively low costs associated with the deployment of a VSAT network, we can now provide extremely affordable last-mile broadband Internet access even in remote locations. Take your internet connection with you anywhere you go within our coverage area! Plus it's wireless so installation is a breeze; no drilling or wires needed!

Some features of our VSAT Plans inclue the following:
# Up to 6.0Mbps
# High Priority Service
# Email
# Phone Support
# 24/7 Unlimited Connection
VSAT Internet Services
Our best plan for all your internet needs.
It's simple, really. We have two plans that work for both home and on-the-go — our best plan to suit all of your internet needs or a more basic one for occasional usage.
# Avg 3-6 Mbps Download
# 1.0 Mbps Upload
Unlimited Data
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