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Pictures of V-SAT internet Launch at Nzoia Sugar Company primary School in Bungoma County commissioned by His Execelency the Governor Hon. Ken Lusaka
In an effort to promote E-learning, Valleypoint Telecoms Kenya Limited in partnership with Avanti communications, a UK based company has introduced a counties wide program called "Project Global Village" hash tag "Connecting All Schools in Kenya." The project is at very advanced stages of deployment including some already deployed internet connections in Bungoma county at Nzoia primary school that produced the best candidate in the county during 2013 KCPE. The launch was commissioned by his excellency the Governor Hon Ken Lusaka, his minister of education Mrs Beryl Mutekhele and the Nzoia sugar Company's CEO Mr. Saul Wasilwa. The core objective of this project is to get all schools in Kenya connected with V-SAT Internet that is available anywhere and on demand. Research has shown that access to broadband increases a country' s GDP by 5%. This is because of a direct open market research on the world wide web, hence the global village concept. Above all, when our children especially at primary level are introduced to this technology early in life, it leads to a great mastery of the concept throughout their lives. This is why Valleypoint Telecoms has come up with a rebate program for county governments called 50 plus 5 County Rebate Program that is highlighted herein below. By each county signing up 50 schools for Valleypoint Telecoms V-SAT Internet program, Valleypoint and it's sponsors will donate 5 more schools conventions at no additional cost to the county. Pretty much, every 50 connections will earn a county 5 more free connections. This program has earned a great welcome in Bungoma County that has been the first county to adopt it and is in the process of identifying it's schools to be connected. At the launch in Nzoia Primary where the Governor was able to Google the weather in Spain where he was traveling to on this new connection; he pledged full support of the program and to work with valleypoint and the sponsors for its success. His educational minister said Valleypoint Telecom's "had come in to make ICT relevant in Bungoma county." She had earlier visited Canada in an effort to create an exchange program with schools there that wanted to interact via video conferencing which she thought was going to be a tough task, but thanks to Valleypoint Telecoms, she is now able to deliver her promise of Video confferecing hence inline with the Global Village project.

In his address at the school, Valleypoint Chairman and CEO Mr. Kelly walubengo said his company is ready to work with all the counties that are open minded about ICT and want to expand and support E-learning. He said his company and partners would like to see at least 1000 schools connected by the year 2015. The 50 plus 5 County Rebate program has enough support and I am sure we will get more as it developes into a successful program. In his address he also disclosed of another program that his company is working in partnership with an NGO called Squid, in partnership with the UK government Department of Internal Development (DFID) on a program called I-mlango that will benefit over 25000 marginalized girls to stay in school. The program through electronic registries with a chip compatible with the Valleypoint Telecoms V-SAT's will keep track of girls when they get to school which will earn them points towards items like fees and school supplies. This program is still in its final stages of development with a target launch date of September 2014. Again, we will seek partnerships with county governments on this. For additional information on the 50 plus 5 County Rebate Program; please contact our offices on +254-20-2637156 or +254-789-888-588 or email us on info@valleypointtelecoms.co.ke. Operators are standing by to answer your questions.

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